Watson Dynamics – cardiovascular machines, that raise effectiveness of fitness at home and professional exercises up to 50%


Such loud title the innovative smart fitness equipment received, when they broke into the United States market in 2016.

To what do they owe such fame?

It’s all about the Watson Dynamics innovative approach to home fitness and accordingly to vascular machines.

Due to the ages of painstaking work they developed an interactive fitness platform, which  they afterwards implicated in every fitness machine. They also created the advanced AI application.

How does it work?

The majority of Watson Dynamics smart fitness equipment is fitted with touchscreen monitors with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. They are exactly the foundation of interactive elemebt of future workouts.

Thanks to the partnership between Watson Dynamics and famous fitness studios specialised in cardioexercises, and professionals in the field of software development you can:

  • Participate in master-classes, trainings and marathons in real-time,
  • Exercise under surveillance of best coaches without leaving home,
  • Communicate with adherents and make new friends from the world of professional sport and home fitness,
  • Enjoy films, music and favorite applications during the training, making them more amusing and enduring.
  • Get the feedback from the exercise machine about the impact of every training and download this information on your device, observing the dynamics of athletic growth.

And all of these functions are just on the monitor of your fitness equipment!

But it’s just a beginning! In coming years the Watson Dynamics exercise machines  will be equipped with a neural network (artificial intelligence), which will become your personal fitness guru, embodied in a simple application.

Functional possibilities of Watson Dynamics AI:

  • It can evaluate the main features of your body (strength, resistance, etc.) and identify the optimal level of exercise stress for training,
  • It will control your load during each movement and will smoothly increase the pace exactly when you are ready for it.
  • Monitor your well-being and condition during classes, identifying signs of fatigue and measuring your pulse rate, and automatically reduce weight if necessary.

Artificial intelligence from Watson Dynamics is a real breakthrough in the world of professional sports and home fitness!

The embodiment of such an ambitious idea has became real owing to the unification of the brand team with the Association for Applied Sports Psychology, the team of developers of applications, based on artificial intelligence of the Silicon Valley and the US Sports Federation in athletics, cross-country running, highway running and racing (USATF).

But how in general was the idea of creating innovative Watson Dynamics smart simulators born?

USATF decided to change the training system for athletes, making it independent of geography, modern and equally effective for each sportsman. Their goals were ambitious and extensive:

  • Make it possible to conduct training and competitions between athletes around the world. And all this actions are possible without leaving the house;
  • To make the work of coaches more complex and more productive, allowing them to engage with wards and monitor their health in real-time from any place on the planet.

They saw the embodiment of this idea in the creation of cardiovascular machine with expanded functionality. Exactly this concept they adressed to Watson Dynamics team.

Teaming up with the Applied Sports Psychology Association and the Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence application development team, Watson Dynamics began to generate ideas.

The result of many years of work of the entire team are the new-class simulators with touchscreen monitors and a special application that makes the dreams of the US Sports Federation a reality!

Already in several years of such “interactive” training, the results of athletes have grown several times, proving the effectiveness of smart simulators.

Encouraged by success, Watson Dynamics began to develop a neural network to increase the quality of training, and, most importantly, made their cardio vascular machines available for home use.

But not only innovations were the priority for Watson Dynamics! The team paid no less attention to the quality of the simulators:

Fitness equipment is manufactured in-house by a company in China from high-quality patented hypoallergenic materials and safe composite polymers. Each smart simulator undergoes a multi-stage inspection of the quality control department with the involvement of specialists in the healthcare sector. Final testing of new models is carried out with the participation of Olympic athletes.

Watson Dynamics did everything possible for the diversity of the training process!

There are 4 types of cardio exercise machines in the brand line, so that everyone can choose the type of physical activity for your own taste:

  • Treadmills,
  • Bike simulator,
  • Elliptical simulators,
  • Rowing simulators.

Weight loss, muscle gain and physical fitness – with Watson Dynamic, they have become not only effective and safe as possible for health, but also pleasant and comfortable for anyone.