Upgrade tour workout's efficiency up to 50%

Interactive way of cardio training. Adept’s advice. Personal workout created by the neural network. Simply professional. Watson Dynamics

About us

Watson Dynamics created the next gen smart gym equipment with Wi-Fi touchscreen interactive platforms. Watson Dynamics was founded in 2011 when an order was placed by USA Track & Field (USATF). USATF requested the creation of the next gen cardio gym equipment to achieve the best performance and increase the training rate for professional athletes. In 2013 USATF stated enormous growth in the progress of training, athlete’s performance was skyrocket. Such a statement brought gigantic inspiration, so Watson Dynamics started a retail campaign to let everyone use professional equipment at home

Product line

Exercise bikes Progressor

Best training sessions, tips from professional athletes, big touchscreen

Тreadmills PRO

The treadmill that will make you harder, better, faster and stronger in almost no time

Cross trainer

The perfect balance of safety, innovation and best results

Rowing machines

Cluster workout with just one piece of equipment, say goodbye to expensive gym memberships

What makes WD so special?


Enjoy your cardio workout with a big touchscreen. Now you can watch your favorite show or browse for any information you need


Do your work out together with famous coaches and professional athletes without leaving your home. Everything is already preloaded, you just need to turn it on


Everyone should be able to have a chance to work out, so WD made all machines cheaper than any relevant next-gen equipment due to manufacturing process optimization


Interactive fitness platform

WD cooperates with a bunch of famous gyms, such as Rock the Cycle, WheelMe, VELOBEAT. Also, all of your favorite content is available on a big 21,5’’ or 15,6’’ screen. Enjoy your workout with YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime and even Facebook

Hypoallergenic materials

Each and every cardio machine goes through the number of checkups to ensure that every machine reaches high-quality standards

Patented hypoallergenic materials

Neural network (NN) that creates personal workout just for you. A unique app that uses NN to increase the quality of your exercises so you can achieve the best performance from each workout

Wi-Fi module

And for those who love to be online even during the workout WD makes it possible with a built-in Wi-Fi module